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01:45 Binance Learn 220000$ Havuz Ödülü ve 100 NFT Etkinliği Tüm kullanıcı Nitelikli spot ticaret çiftleri EGLD, IOTX, ONE, CELO, KAVA ve RUNE genelinde en az $2.000 eşdeğerinde (alış ve satışlar dahil) toplam işlem hacmi biriktirmeli. 10 Mart son 

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 1. EGLD - Why is Elrond dubbed "The internet-scale blockchain"? Answer : Its capacity can grow (scale) with demand thanks to Sharding 

2. EGLD - What is Elrond's impact on the environment? Answer : Positive - Elrond offsets more CO2 than is attributable to its modest PoS energy footprint 

3. IOTX - What are the names of IoTeX's devices? Answer : Ucam and Pebble Tracker 

4. IOTX - What is MachineFi? Answer : The system that enables people to earn digital assets from their real-world data and actions. 

5. ONE - What is Harmony's vision for scaling Web3? Answer : Zero Knowledge Proofs and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations 

6. ONE - What areas of growth will Harmony focus on serving going forward? Answer : NFT infrastructure, DAO tooling, and inter-protocol bridges 

7. CELO - Which of the following accurately describes the Celo blockchain and its rich ecosystem? Answer : Web3 applications including DeFi, NFTs and payments 

8. CELO - Which of the following is not a characteristic of Celo's native stablecoins Answer : Celo stablecoins are backed by a fiat reserve 

9. KAVA - Which major ecosystems will the Kava Network's Co-Chains bring together? Answer : Ethereum and Cosmos 

10. KAVA - Who can vote in Kava Network governance proposals? Answer : KAVA stakers and validators 

11. RUNE - What is THORChain? Answer : A cross chain permissionless decentralized exchange 

12. RUNE - How does THORChain do cross chain swaps? Answer : Liquidity pools Model using RUNE as a settlement and security asset 

06:05 BWT Alpine F1 NFT Mystery Box Etkinliği Ödül 1 NFT

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