Binance Learn and Earn Axelar (AXL) Quiz Answers


Binance Hesabı: 

Question: What is Axelar's consensus mechanism?

Answer: Proof of Stake.

Question: What makes Axelar different from comparable cross-chain networks?

Answer: All of the above.

Question: A good analogy for Axelar's role in today's Web3 ecosystem is:

Answer: The role of overlay networks in the development of Web2.

Question: What are Axelar's installations on connected blockchains called?

Answer: Gateways.

Question: What is an Interchain Token?

Answer: A token that moves between chains with native properties.

Question: Adopters of Axelar's technology include:

Answer: All of the above.

Question: How do developers build with Axelar?

Answer: An API and a software development kit.

Question: How many validators does Axelar have currently?

Answer: 75.