Gateio Öğren Kazan Antmons Cevapları

🔘Gateio Öğren Kazan Antmons 


✏What type of game is Antmons?
Cevap : Blockchain-based game
✏ What are the different types of Antmons heroes in the game?
Cevap : Spayer, Tank, Archer, AOE, and Thrower.
✏For non-VIP users, if they have a 40-share Startup voucher, how many shares can they subscribe in Startup airdrop?
Cevap : 40 shares
✏When does the Antmons (AMS) Startup Sale begin?
Cevap : 07:00 am on 15th August, 2023 (UTC)
✏What is the total airdrop value of Startup in September?
Cevap : 625,000
✏How to claim more Startup airdrops?
Cevap : All the above
✏Where can I find more up-to-date Startup Airdrop projects?
Cevap : All the above
✏ Which one is false?
Cevap : You need to hold at least 
$20 Spot Asset to join Startup
✏What is the $AMS token standard?
Cevap : ERC-20
✏How often does the VIP system update?
Cevap : Every 24 hours