Pixie Token Learn & Earn Quiz



↗️: Can PixieTeam help me recover my password if I forget it?

A: False

↗️ : What does the Camera Speed mean?

A: The time it takes from your Energy to restore from 0 to full.

↗️ : When was PIX listed on KuCoin?

A: Sep 2022

↗️ : How to get in touch with Pixie?

A: You can get in touch with PixieTeam at any time through the following channels: Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

↗️ : Can I transfer the NFT created on the Pixie Chain to Ethereum?

A: No

↗️Where can a user manage their Cameras?

A: NFT Wallet

↗️ What is the MOST BASIC requirement for a newly registered user to start to conduct social interactions and earn PIX?

A: Own a Mini Camera.

↗️ How much Energy Cap can a Mini Camera provide?

A: 30

↗️ I have seen inappropriate/offensive content being posted on the Pixie app. What should I do?

A: Report this post by clicking the "..." icon under such posts.

↗️ Currently, Pixie supports Ethereum and Polygon NFT import and post.

A : True

↗️ When can you message other users in the app?

A: When you have followed each other.

↗️ Where can I find my Credit Rating and its introduction?

A: Personal Profiles Page

↗️: What is the best way to purchase additional PIX?

A: From KuCoin

↗️ Is it against the Pixie Convention to spam comments under other users' posts and ask for swap likes?

A: True

↗️ What is the easiest way to set your Camera as your profile picture (avatar)?

A: Go to your NFT Wallet and click the "+" button.

↗️I have received a message from a non-official source regarding Pixie. Should I trust it?

A: No

↗️ How to earn PIX tokens in Pixie APP?

A: In Pixie APP, all social activities (posting, liking, reposting) are rewarded with PIX tokens.

↗️ When did Pixie first launch?

A: 2021

↗️ If I make Ethereum NFT posts, is it more likely to become Trending?

A: Yes

↗️ I have received a message from people claiming they will purchase my PIX for a price much higher than the market price. Is it true?

A: False

↗️Can I copy other users' posts and post them as my work?

A: No

↗️ How to post Ethereum NFT in Pixie?

A: When you connect your crypto wallet, all your corresponding Ethereum NFT will automatically be displayed in your NFT wallet. You can post them or set them as Avatar with a click of a button. Ethereum NFT posts will have tripled PIX rewards once it is selected as a Trending post.

↗️ How to create my post into Pixie NFT.

A: Click the Create NFT Button under the post.

↗️ I did not receive my withdrawals after 15 working days, what should I do?

A: Contact Pixie through Pixie's Official Telegram Channel.

↗️ What is Pixie?

A: Pixie is THE WORLD'S FIRST FULLY FUNCTIONAL crypto-based photo and video-sharing social network in Web3 with SocialFi concepts.

↗️What kind of post will more likely become Trending?

A: Posts that are Original, Unique, High-Resolution and High-Quality.

↗️ Someone DM me and claimed to be with the PixieTeam. Should I trust them?

A: No

↗️ Where can a user purchase the NFT Genesis Cameras?

A: Pixie Official NFT Market

↗️ Will users be able to trade NFT Genesis Cameras on the in-APP market in the near future?

A: True

↗️ How many days will it take for your Unsettled PIX for posting to become Settled?

A: 7 days

↗️ Do I need to set a password for my account if I have logged in through my Web3 wallet?

A: No

↗️ Where can I track my social activity transaction history?

A: Personal Profile > PIX Wallet > Transactions Page

↗️: Is it against the Pixie Convention to have multiple accounts?

A: True

↗️: How much Weight can a Mini Camera provide?

A: 0.2

↗️ Can I display and post my Ethereum/Polygon NFTs on my connected Web3 address/wallet?

A: Yes

↗️ How to download Pixie?

A: Pixie App is available both on GooglePlay and Appstore.

↗️ During a discussion, someone claimed they had inside information regarding Pixie and asked you to join them to make a profit. Should I trust them?

A: No

↗️ How can a user register for an account with Pixie?

A: Web3 wallet and Email addresses

↗️ If a user purchases a new camera, will their Energy Cap increase on top of their original Energy Cap?

A: True

↗️ How many days could it take for my withdrawals to be reviewed and processed?

A: Within 15 working days AND becoming faster

↗️ How many PIX rewards percentage boosts can I receive at least, if my Ethereum NFT post is selected as Trending?

A: 300%

↗️ Is buying NFT Genesis Cameras the quickest way to increase your entitlements?

A: True

↗️ How much Energy will each Like/Repost cost?

A: 1

↗️ Different levels of Genesis Cameras have different Entitlements. What are the three of them?

A: Weight, Energy, Vote

↗️ How many rewards can you receive at least when your post is selected as Trending?

A: 200%

↗️ How much is the market cap of PIX?

A: 100 Billion, however almost impossible to be mined completely and supply is being burned consistently.

↗️ What does "Film" do when posting?

A: Enable the Camera Weight rating.

↗️A: What Web3 wallets does Pixie currently support when logging in?

A: MetaMask

↗️ How much Energy will each post cost?

A: 5

↗️ Can I appeal to the PixieTeam if my account was banned and I believe there has been a mistake?

A: Yes