Portal Binance Learn&Earn Answers

Binance Portal Quiz Answers:
Q1) Which technology enables frictional transactions between games and chains in the Portal Ecosystem?

ANSWER: Cross-chain Portal token

Q2) Which major talent agency represent Portal?

ANSWER: WME Endeavor

Q3) How much was staked by binance users in the portal launchpool?

ANSWER: $9.2 billion

Q4) Which of the following is Not a part of the Portal Ecosystem?

ANSWER: Portal Exchange

Q5) How many gamers in Portal aiming to onboard into Web3?

ANSWER: 1 billion

Q6) Which of the following is not a benefit of a staking portal?

ANSWER: Earning a fixed 20% APY on staked tokens

Q7) How many gamers are integrated into the portal ecosystem at launch?

ANSWER: 200+

Q8) What is Portal's mission?

ANSWER: To onboard the first billion gamers into Web3

Q9) What is the primary function of the portal token?

ANSWER: To power Web3 gaming transactions and access